Monday, October 26, 2009

Good news for some CA arts organizations

This is great news for some lucky arts organizations, as well as for those people who are looking for employment in the arts. via California Arts Council

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The California Arts Council announces agency's American Recovery & Reinvestment Act grants
Twenty-eight arts organizations statewide slated to receive funding for jobs

Published: 10-15-2009

The California Arts Council announces that twenty-eight organizations throughout the state are approved to receive funding for jobs through the agency's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. The Council approved the spending of $487,900 in job stimulus funds earlier this month. Other California arts organizations are approved to receive funding directly from the National Endowment for the Arts, regional, or local arts re-granting organizations.

The following organizations have been approved to receive ARRA funding from the California Arts Council -- given that the organization does not receive another ARRA-NEA grant from another source, and is able to fulfill the requirements of the grant agreement.

Community Works West, Inc. (Berkeley), $19,600
Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles), $20,000
Kulintang Arts, Inc. (San Francisco), $20,000
California Musical Theatre (Sacramento), $20,000
Center for LGBT Art and Culture (San Francisco), $18,000
Los Angeles Chamber Singers, Inc. (Los Angeles), $14,000
P.S. ARTS (Los Angeles), $16,640
Sierra Repertory Theatre (Sonora), $20,000
Venice Arts: In Neighborhoods (Venice), $20,000
About Productions, Inc. (Pasadena), $20,000
AXIS Dance Company (Oakland), $14,880
Eveoke Dance Theatre (San Diego), $20,000
Kearny Street Workshop (San Francisco), $18,720
LA Commons (Los Angeles), $15,000
Madera County Arts (Madera), $20,000
Oakland East Bay Symphony (Oakland), $10,000
Teatro Vision de San Jose (San Jose), $19,078
Arts Council for Monterey County (Carmel), $15,000
Media Arts Center San Diego (San Diego), $20,000
Mateel Community Center (Redway), $16,000
Merced County Arts Council, Inc. (Merced), $20,000
Plumas County Arts Commission (Quincy), $9,500
The Woodland Opera House (Woodland), $10,000
San Jose Multicultural Artists Guild (San Jose), $20,000
Robert Moses' Kin (San Francisco), $15,000
First Night Monterey, Inc (Monterey), $20,000
Galeria Studio 24 (San Francisco), $20,000

Kitka, Inc. (Oakland), $16,482

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