Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featured Work of Art from Collecting California

View of Mountains in Ecuador was created by Norton Bush in 1868, and is one of the works of art featured in Collecting California: Selections from Laguna Art Museum, which opens this Sunday.

Norton Bush was an artist best known for his tropical landscape scenes of Central and South America. Bush was influenced by the Hudson River School painters and by luminists. Hudson River School paintings are characterized by a vast nature which makes man seem tiny and insignificant. Luminist paintings have no visible brushstrokes, play with the effects of light, and depict landscapes as paradises.

In 1853, Bush moved to San Francisco, where he received commissions from businessmen for tropical paintings. In 1868, he became sponsored by an art patron and traveled to Central America.

View of Mountains in Ecuador is an example of a tropical luminist painting. It depicts a small village surrounded by a tremendous landscape.

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