Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Weekend @ the Museum

Film Series: Shorts from the OC for the OsCene
Friday, March 26 (6:00 p.m.)

Come and check out the screens for the film artists included in the museum's current exhibiton: Oscene 2010: Contemporary Art and Culture in OC

Tender Roots by Matt Brailey
Amici by Alex Melli
Le Retour by Rachel Earnest
Heal by Mian Adnan Ahmed
Paper Cuts by Candace Jade-Lewis
1:00AM by Raymond Cinemato
The Journey by Elliot Fuster Master
Mutually Assured Desires by Andrew Hellesen
My Secret Love Affair With Matt Gonzalez by Gordon Winiemko

$5.00 admission. Includes FREE popcorn.

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What are you doing this weekend??

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  1. Several friends and I are gathering for this event. It looks fabulous! Thank you for hosting an event that combines several mediums to delight our senses. See you there!


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