Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Art Shack's Jeff Gillette @ CorpGallery

The artist, Jeff Gillette, who is exhibiting in the Museum's upcoming Summer exhibition, Art Shack, has a show that opened this past Saturday at the CorpGallery in Santa Monica. Gillette's Dismayland will be on display until May 1st.

Jeff Gillette's shack is inspired by his trips to the slums of India.

And if you like the style and theme of Jeff Gillette's Dismayland, be sure to check out his piece in Art Shack, opening June 13th at Laguna Art Museum!!

1 comment:

  1. Jeff's Art Shack work is truely inspired and captured so dramatically in his paintings and 3D models. Great juxtapose pieces on display. Well worth the visit. Thank you Jeff - Jacky V.


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