Monday, May 3, 2010

Art Shack Spotlight: Mark Ryden and Marion Peck

Last Thursday night, Art Shack artist, Mark Ryden, had an amazing Victorian-themed opening night at Paul Kasim in New York. His loyal fan base flocked to to see Ryden's new work in his Gay '90s Old Tyme show.

Fans showed up at Paul Kasmin in New York looking like Victorian ladies or gents, in keeping with the theme of his new show. The standout was a woman on stilts, wearing a corseted red dress decorated with plastic pieces of meat.

Her costume was a nod to a painting in the show: "Incarnation," 2009, above, featuring a porcelain-doll-like girl-woman who wears a dress made of sausage links, ham shanks and other raw meat... read the rest of the article on Culture Monster.

Although the show is in New York, West Coast fans can come see the piece that Ryden and his wife, Marion Peck, will be showing in Laguna Art Museum's upcoming exhibition, Art Shack (June 13-October 3).

Here's a sneak peak video for the doll-theater "shack" that Peck and Ryden sent us!

For more information on these two artists or Laguna Art Museum's Art Shack, visit the Museum's website!

What do you think of the video????

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