Thursday, April 22, 2010

OsCene Spotlight -- Gina Genis

Come check out the works of OsCene artist, Gina Genis, on display now at Laguna Art Museum. Genis' two photographs are located on the lower level and will be up for the duration of the exhibition, ending May 16th!

Gina Genis’ recent series of photographs, Window Peeping, captures the nocturnal activities of a cross-section of average American senior citizens. The works are noteworthy for their technical sophistication and their examination of a relatively rare subject matter in art. They also contain layers of meaning and implications that speak to the complex nature of human existence – its cultural, social, familial, and biological facets. It was on evening walks around a retirement community, that Genis began to photograph interior scenes revealed through open windows; her camera caught brief glimpses into the lives of the elderly. These were not artificially constructed images, but were spontaneously and discreetly shot to capture a straightforward and honest view of what it means to grow old.

Genis’ work says much about the ambivalent place that the elderly seem to hold in today’s mainstream culture, a culture that is primarily focused on and celebrates youth. The traditional position of the elderly as wise and relevant heads of family is something that is growing increasingly rare; reverence and respect is being replaced by obsolescence. This is especially pertinent today as baby boomers become senior citizens in growing numbers. Window Peeping acutely captures this social, cultural, and demographic shift while asking the viewer to reconcile wider cultural attitudes with their personal views regarding the inevitability of aging.

—Selected text from “Gina Genis’ Window Peeping: An Existential Examination of Aging,” by Brandelyn Dillaway, Mt. San Jacinto College

For more information about the work and life of artist, Gina Genis, download the FREE Laguna Art Museum iPhone app today! And be sure to come see OsCene 2010 before it ends on May 16th.

Images of Gina Genis' work Lives Lived in Cubes and and The Pack Rack.

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