Friday, April 23, 2010

Updates on Esteban Bojorquez's Shack!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! Here are the Museum we are all sad that the closing day (May 16th) for OsCene 2010 is fast approaching... but on the brighter side, we have been getting exciting updates from the artists in the next Laguna Art Museum show, Art Shack!!
If you remember, a few weeks ago we posted some pictures of Esteban Bojorquez working in his studio. Today, Esteban has sent us some detail photos of his shack that he has created for Art Shack. It looks amazing, and the Museum cannot wait to see the whole project in person!!

Esteban's work will be on display in the Museum's Summer exhibition, Art Shack, from June 13th- October 3rd.

For your weekend:

Be sure to come see OsCene 2010 before in ends May 16th!!!

Also challenge yourself to Orange County's own Food War between Trieu Chau and New Trieu Chau, and see which soup reigns supreme!

And come to the Imagination Celebration on Saturday to celebrate Earth Day by creating Earth Bags by upcycling fabrics, newspapers, string and more!

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